12th July 2020


The reason I started this blog is to share my thoughts about information security. Furthermore, with this blog, I make a summarize of my thoughts and from what I’ve learned, by sharing this information, with you, in an article I push myself to understand the information I write down.

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.

Jim Rohn

For years I’ve been a sysadmin in the Information Technology world as a Windows Engineer. In my work, I see a lot of security problems with several systems our clients are using. To make the network of our customers a safer place, I was starting by fixing the security gaps and give the employees advice on how they can protect their company data from their point of perspective. From that moment on, my passion for information security began to grow.

In December 2019 I have registered myself for the pentesting labs of Hack The Box, to train my cybersecurity skills as a red teamer. On this blog, I share the challenges and machines I own from Hack The Box, as well as write-ups of other CTF challenges such as Malware Traffic Analysis and VulnHub.

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