Cybersecurity podcasts

When I’m traveling to my work with the train, car or bike, I’ll like to listen to podcasts. I especially enjoy cybersecurity podcasts. There are several podcasts I’m currently following. And I’d love to share these podcasts with you. It is certainly not a complete overview of all information security and cybersecurity podcasts, but a personal overview of the podcasts I am currently subscribed to.

I’m still looking for good quality cybersecurity podcasts, do you have any suggestions? Please let me know in the comments.

Darknet Diaries

Darknet Diaries by Jack Rhysider. Jack takes you to the dark side of the internet in this podcast, in which true stories about hackers, malware, botnets, cryptography, cryptocurrency, cybercrime, and internet privacy are told.

Host: Jack Rhysider Website:

The Privacy, Security & OSINT show

This cybersecurity podcast is about ensuring your privacy in the open world of the internet and about OSINT. What software can you use to protect your privacy? Should you use Apple or Android or Windows or macOS? Michael has also contributed to Buscador Linux Virtual Machine distribution which is pre-configured for online investigators and he has written a few books about privacy and OSINT.

Host: Michael Bazzell Website:

Malicious Life

Host Ran Levi interviews hackers and industry experts, discussing the hacking culture of the 1970s and 80s, the subsequent rise of viruses in the 1990s and today’s advanced cyber threats.

Ran discusses spam, and how it transformed cybercrime from a small-time, opportunistic crime – to a bonafide business model. He’ll talk about botnets, DDoS attacks, and hacktivists – and finally, about the latest headline-grabbing cyber-threat: ransomware.

Host: Ran Levi Website:


Hackable? It is a podcast of Mcfee. During this podcast, there is usually a ‘live’ hack in which cars, Wi-fi, smartphones, laptops or other technical applications are hacked. Geof and Bruce explain the hacks they perform and how you can arm yourself against them.

Host: Geoff Siskind and Bruce Snell Website:

Getting Into Infosec

Are you looking for a job as a cybersecurity expert? This podcast takes you to the experiences of starters in the Infosec world. How to prepare yourself for OCSP? What is the added value of Hack The Box? The answer is not the same for everyone, based on the experiences of starters in the infosec the listener gets a clear picture of how to get a job in information security. Ayman even wrote a book on this subject, titled: Breakin in.

Host: Ayman Elsawah Website:

Do you know any other cybersecurity podcasts I have to follow? Please, let me know!

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