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About CyberSoc

The Cyber Investigator CTF was created by Jack Tilson of Cyber Society at Cardiff University. There are over 30 free & predominantly OSINT-based challenges drawing from a range of scenarios, putting your analytical skills to the test!


This OSINT challenge is from the section Covert Operations and is worth 600 points.


We’ve been tracking a cell on the horn of Africa and one particular target has fallen under suspicion. Our agent deployed there has found out that the target always stores his handgun in a small compartment of the boot of his car, which following some research on this particular model of the car, measures in at 200mm x 135mm (length x width).

Our agent believes that they have recovered the target’s weapon but to help confirm this, we need to establish whether it ties in with our theory about putting it in the boot. We have no idea what the gun is, so could you use your talents to find out the length and height of the handgun pictured?

By the way, the agent said that some parts of the handgun feel rough - like sandpaper - perhaps a brand name has been sanded off somewhere along the line.

Note: You have just 5 attempts so again do not just guess!

Expected flag format (length first): ###mm x ###mm


Looking at the weapon, it’s the Glock 19. Its created in Austria and has a 19mm caliber. It also corresponds to the information that’s shown on the weapon. We only have to look up the sizes in millimeters for this weapon. So, let’s check what Google has for us. After a small search, I found this page with the information we are looking for.


The flag: 187mm x 128mm

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