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About CyberSoc

The Cyber Investigator CTF was created by Jack Tilson of Cyber Society at Cardiff University. There are over 30 free & predominantly OSINT-based challenges drawing from a range of scenarios, putting your analytical skills to the test!


This OSINT challenge is from the section Covert Operations and is worth 400 points.


We recently performed a search of a Yacht parked in a berth in Hawaii; fairly strangely, a lookup of the vessel’s paperwork yields no results and we don’t have time to draft in someone with enough knowledge of boats to be able to provide us with further context.

However, we did find what looks to be a dash cam with footage of someone driving through what we suspect is a town or city in Asia.

I’ve attached an image showing a road sign from one of the clips found on the camera, could you take a look and see if you can work out where the driver was at the time?

Note: You only have three attempts for this, so make sure you don’t just guess!

Expected flag format: townOrCityName


I installed the Google Translate iOS app on my iPhone and uploaded the picture to Translate. Translate automatically recognizing the text on the sign as the Chinese language and translating the information to the English language.


We look for street names. Street names give the best indication of the city. After searching for the name on Google Maps, I found this street name in the city of Shanghai.


I even found the almost exact location in Shanghai where the photo was taken from.


The flag: Shanghai

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