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About CyberSoc

The Cyber Investigator CTF was created by Jack Tilson of Cyber Society at Cardiff University. There are over 30 free & predominantly OSINT-based challenges drawing from a range of scenarios, putting your analytical skills to the test!


This OSINT challenge is from the section Covert Operations and is worth 400 points.


We believe we’ve found an address where a number of victims of human trafficking are being held. We know that there are anywhere between 1 and 3 grunts posted to guard the premises at any given time, but in the early hours of the morning, they seem to watch TV most of the time.

I have been thinking about a distraction technique to get them all into the living room at the same time whilst we make quiet entry into the property before hurling a flashbang into the lounge and getting the drop on them, hopefully without firing a shot so we can keep them in a fit state to tell us all about the intricate workings of their organisation.

A way of getting them together to deliberate might be to cause a problem with their TV.

Our guys sat on the hill not far away and spotted the below remote control in one of their hands, together with a TV as pictured on the unit in the lounge.

I know that these remotes are programmable, could you find out the code to set the remote to control this brand of TV?

This will enable us to switch off the TV, fiddle with the sound, change inputs and so on - hopefully causing a stir long enough to distract them.

Note: You only have 4 attempts here, so make sure you do your research!

Expected flag format: ####


The solution to this challenge is not a difficult task. If we take a closer look at the image, we see that the brand of the remote is SKY and the TV has the brandToshiba. Now, we have only done a simple Google search and we are ending up on this website:


On this website, we are finding three codes we can try:

  1. 1536
  2. 2704
  3. 3351

It turns out that the code 1536 is the one we are looking for.

The flag: 1536.

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